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Brief History of the Company Print E-mail
Created at the turn of the new millenium, Cromolab began its activity by providing a response to the increasing demand for technical assistance services for liquid and gaseous chromatographic equipment.

Cromolab was specially designed to work with scientific and industrial private sector laboratories (oil, tobacco and gas companies) as well as Institutes and Universities. 
By offering a wide range of specialized services, Cromolab considerably reduces the time that the equipment is inoperative due to technical problems by responding in less than 48 hours.

In 2001,  Cromolab has  enlarged its commercial department by hiring a chemical engineer, specialized in chromatography and technical preparation of samples, including SPE (solid phase extraction) techniques. 

Since it’s beginning, Cromolab has been giving priority to developing its technical department by:
 - Updating the professional knowledge and skills of its technicians.
 - Studying new methods and equipment available in the world market. 
 - Attending fairs and conferences in Portugal.

Cromolabgradually increases its market share based on the customer’s loyalty by offering an integrated service tailored to the needs of each individual client and maintaining its high levels of quality.  Growth that was planned to be economically, social and environmental sustainable.

In 2007, to complete its offer  addressed to this particular market Cromolab establishes an exclusive agreement to represent the multinational Young Lin, manufacturer of high quality chromatography equipment, and creates its own sales department.

Simultaneously other strategic distribution rights agreements are established  with multinationals such as  VICI, DataApex, HTA and  NLG. With these international references, Cromolab now offers a complete range of “state of art” technology in this area.

Today, Cromolab is establishing further partnerships with companies, universities and institutes aiming to improve and develop its business.