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Cromolab was present in the “5th National Meeting on Chromatography” which took place at the University of Aveiro on the 10th, 11th and 12th of December 2007. This event was promoted by the Chemistry Group of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry.
Cromolab presented a stand with its represented brands and displays of its demo equipments. Cromolab showed the latest system of gas chromatography developed by Young Lin. 

“Young Lin with the slogan, "First and Best", has grown steadily to become one of the leading analytical Instrument companies. The accumulated experience in chromatography ensures continuance to supply excellent service, application support and manufacture since 1976.”

The highlight in Cromolab’s stand was a Young Lin Gas Chromatograph fully working with an Autosampler analysing the components of a really sample of sterols in olive oil. 

It was also displayed a demo of the detectors HID (Helium Ionization Detector) and fittings of Vici as well as the demo version of the chromatography software Clarity for windows of DataApex.
Cromolab took this opportunity to show its new image displayed on its stationary.

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